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Jan 16, 2019
Just got these and I was looking for something with great highs with punchy Bass and these fit the bill . Build quality is top notch and when the highs get a bit peircing on some songs a bit of EQing brings it down nicely . Great bargain for the money . Update After listening for a while with the blue foam tip these are more than amazing . Also even though your phone or Dap will drive these nicely I have tried them with several amps and by far the best Headphone Amplifier I have found is the Geshelli Archel which has the cleanest send of the many I've owned but not only will it make your hard to drive Headphones sing it really does something special with the T2 Pro's. And for only $99 they just might humble many amps in the $500 range
Jan 16, 2019
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