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Jan 17, 2019
Got these on November 20, 2018 and have been having a rough time getting them to fit just right for me. I like everything about these except for my own personal issue with fitment. I think it’s a combo of my ear canals and the larger sound port that gives me the trouble. I’ve tried many different tip both foam (Comply T500) and silicone (generic and spinfit). I was ready to give up on these and as a last attempt I put on a pair that came with my beats Bluetooth. I think this is what I’ve been looking for as the fit is now just how I like it weather I use it with the cable over ear or hanging. My review on these is they are light on bass though not missing it altogether. The highs can be a bit bright depending on the type of music. Where these feel best to me is from upper bass to lower highs, say the middle 75% of the range. They’re perfectly clear in that spot and as I listen to mostly classical and acoustic their a winner for me. I’ve knocked off a star, although I wish it was possible to deduct a half, due to the fitment issue. I would definitely recommend these. This is my first pair of multiple armature iems
Jan 17, 2019
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