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Jan 20, 2019
The Tin Audio T2 is a lot of IEM for the money. They sound good and feels solid. I did not expect the housing to feel as solid as it does. I use them with my mobile in noicy environments and they keep ambient noise out and the music sounds good. They are easy to drive so most of the time they are used without a DAC. Finding the right tips is key. With the rights tips (large silicone in my case) the base works very well for me. I am not to keen on loads of bass, I preffer IEMS with fast response. The mids and highs are very good for the money, as is the fit. The cable feels a little fragile, but so far it is still working well. All in all a lot of IEM for very little money. If I manage to brake them, something I think will be hard with the metal housing, I would most likely buy a new pair.
Jan 20, 2019
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