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Mar 5, 2019
I just got these in today, and I really like them. Tonality: I can see what people are saying about the sibilance, there is a response spike in the highs, and cymbals and snares at the spiked range get annoying, but so far I've only had one or two songs that had a cymbal/hi-hat that got very affected about it. The mids on these are very clear. With these I could stand a bit more high/mid bass, but I think that's more personal preferable than it is fault of the headphones. The sub-bass is perfect though, it shines in the music when it's supposed to but doesn't really overpower or muddy any of the mids or highs much at all. Build: They seem very well made, casing for the IEMs are made of what seems to be a very durable metal and they feel nice in the ears. The chord is a braided cable that looks well made, but it can be a bit stiff at times. The chord has a plastic bead where the chord splits so the chord doesn't tangle as easily in storage. It terminates into a relatively large gold plated 3.5mm jack that looks as if it has carbon fiber inlay (not certain that it actually is). The fact that they were able to fit a balanced mmcx connection in the budget for this is amazing to me, and was part of why I bought a set, however the terminations of the mmcx connectors seem to be the worst part of this headphone build-wise. They are hard to take off of the IEMs once they're on them, and the plastic housing for the connections feel like they will break eadily if put under too much stress.The stock foam tips that come with the headphone seem nice, though I don't have much experience with 3rd party tips. The foam tips do isolate the sound very well, but they seem to push out of my ears very slowly (I have oddly shaped and smaller ear canals though, so take that with a grain of salt), also the pressure they put on the inside of my ears is a bit too much and can get uncomfortable after using them for too long of a period. Overall: They're worth it, I paid $35 for my set, but if I had to pay $60 for another pair, I would do it. They sound and feel like headphones at a much more expensive price range, but the caveat of the spike in the frequency range does take it down a peg for me (though it's not too much of a problem). I really like listening to Lo-Fi and Acoustic (like the Weepies) with these. Definitely worth it.
Mar 5, 2019
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