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Oct 20, 2018
The original Shockwave III that Mr Zee (who i think is the maker / tuner of Toneking) is a stunningly good IEM - 4xBA 1xDD - superb in every way but with the addition of a blindingly good 3D holographic staging. This IEM stopped me lokking further for IEM's! Ive also had his TK 12 and TK 13 - Both very very well tuned IEM's. Personally I would feel confident to buy these based on the reputation of the tuning abilities of Mr Zee alone [I believe there are some who highly respect him as a Master IEM China? - can't remember exactly, was a long time ago] although, of course it needs someone with a qualified ear to review this particular set, NB: (Should add to avoid any conflicts of opinion - a later revision of the SWIII with mmcx cables had a change in tuning which some found to be too sibilant. I own the original non-removable cable version!)
Oct 20, 2018
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