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Oct 15, 2018
Does the device display the bit depth of the sample format inputted? I've only seen photos of the device displaying the sample rate of the input... Also, i would like to see the step, does it show the sample step? I think it could be pretty hot if it had a display mode where it showed the samples, like really fast, or for sine, using buttons like an alarm clock, to change display modes?.., Especially if it did a measurably good job at sample reproduction.., what about 8bit? 8 bit 22khz formats, does it handle that? I must i say for a contemporous gentlement. Why leave out a format? then i might get kind of.., excited here guys.., for sure.,, but right now, i don't know., If it' showing the rate, it must be kind of aware of the samples. for input ifnot multibit output.., I mean, i might not be confident lining 24bit samples to this digital decoder device, however pending device implementation quality, i think it could do a good job with 8bit 22.kzh and 16bit, and 32bit samples, and might be choice for system implementation., But really, without comprehensive analysis, of marked performance in it's implementation as a converter, it's all up in the air as far as I'm concerned. I wont want to listen to low quality format reproduction. I don't know if this device beats out any other 16bit dac @format until we see it's performance at that format, or any other given scenarios, the specs and documentation supplied is so sparse.., In good conscious I'm not sure i could give money for it.., i have to say i find myself in a regrettable shopping decision, completely uninformed and presented this offering. Interesting little thing, I wish that I knew much more about it. =) <3
Oct 15, 2018
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