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Jun 27, 2018
Great DAC, would recommend to anyone. Screen is beautiful and it is very small but heavy for its size, amazing build quality.
I use a Samsung charger to give it power (non fast charge) going into my PC via digital optic. My headphones are Stax L300 Limited (Basically L700) everything sounds very clean.
This was an upgrade to my Schiit Modi gen 1 and the upgrade was worth the $260 AUD I paid. Would do again in a heartbeat - this is literally all you ever need.
I purchased mine off Ali Express when it came out on their sale day
Pros: Affordable Great build quality Clean at all volumes (for me I never max out) DAT OLED SCREEN
Cons: Didn't come with power brick (hence use of Samsung charger)
Just get it imo
Jun 27, 2018
Jul 2, 2018
In fact, you don't really need an additional power brick or charger, just plug the power cord into another USB port of your PC or USB hub (better with external power), it will work. It is said that D50 is originally designed to be powered by USB. (Not just only the data cable, plug the power cord into an USB port also)
Jul 2, 2018
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