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Apr 2, 2020
Finally got my D50s first off what the heck happened during shipping drop? Mine came without any shipping packaging. Like zero it was just the topping box with the D50s and accessories inside. The box looked like it was beat with a baseball bat. By some miracle the device survived. Anyway that's not all. After I let it sit in my garage for a little while I wasn't touching that thing right away since it came directly from China I opened it and guess what I got a black one. What the heck drop my box said silver and I selected silver at checkout but guess what I got black. What a disappointment I have all silver Audio equipment and then this thing. And last but not least no power brick? Like come on Topping I paid good money for this thing and your too cheap or too lazy to include a USB power brick those are like what $0.50 luckily I had one. I'll tell you one thing if this didn't sound so dang amazing I'd have sent it back. But luckily for Topping their product is so good it's not even worth being upset over the color or the lack of USB power supply. It's seriously amazing and is one of the best bang for the buck DAC's ever.
Apr 2, 2020
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