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Oct 19, 2019
I purchased mine from Amazon with BT for $50 more. I didn't think I'd really use BT but I thought why not? Get it all. Turns out that I do use the BT connectivity. When I work from home and connect my work laptop to my monitors my primary PC and music source is turned off. I am then able to use my streaming services from my iPhone/iPad and listen to my Hi-Fi system while I work. Great solution. MQA is mentioned often but the number of DAC's with MQA seem to be limited and expensive. And I'm not interested in Tidal. I tried Tidal a while back before MQA and I did not like it (catalogue, interface). I am an impure Hi-Fi enthusiast so I use Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and And I own no DSD files. I'm satisfied. To diverge even more from the point of this discussion I just purchased the AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt, my first Dragonfly purchase. It's excellent but I don't see myself using it's MQA support anytime soon. Final thoughts on the D70: I think it's good but I have very little to compare to. I replaced my DAC/amp from 2015 and yes there was a huge improvement (or maybe it's the new amp - Xduoo TA-20 with the THX amp on the way) but I can't compare to any other DACs.
Oct 19, 2019
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