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Dec 7, 2020
Hello everyone! Finally I managed to retrieve my Topping dx3 pro for the DT990 Pro that I received as a gift some time ago .. Mainly as an audio neophyte in addition to connecting everything and downloading the drivers I don't know if by chance other settings are needed, now I'm trying the setup and for example (with Windows volume at max) i can hear an adequately "high" volume "only" at -8.0 dB with the gain already set to +9.0 (without the gain I don't seem to hear much) .. Am I doing something wrong? I've read around people who complain about very loud music with a volume "set" much lower than mine, it makes me think that maybe some settings are missing, maybe I'm not even using the headphones to their full potential ... The Topping is connected to the PC with the USB cable and I use it together with headphones for audio listening (Tidal, Spotify Premium, etc.) and for casual gaming,obviously the general volume of Windows is set to maximum. Thank you and best regards!
Dec 7, 2020
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