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Topping NX1s Portable Headphone Amp

Topping NX1s Portable Headphone Amp

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Product Description
Ideal for amplifying IEMs or headphones from a smartphone or DAP, the Topping NX1s headphone amp takes your portable music setup up a notch. It measures 3.3 by 2.2 inches, weighs just 2.8 ounces, and provides 40 hours of playback between charges Read More

Nov 29, 2019
I've found the best cables for this : Fiio - L17 L-shaped 3.5mm
Fiio - L16 Stereo Audio Cable It gives it SPACE, creates a big sound stage which makes it so much better, in fact better than the NX3s, that I have and better than AuneX1s first models default amp. Which is... impressive. So much, for just a cable switch.

May 20, 2018
I've had this a while now, and while none of my headphones that I listen to on my S8 need an amp, this little guy plays a key role in my home theater. I use it on the zone 2 out of my Denon receiver to feed my CLEER-based wireless Sennheiser theater headphones. Provides a nice, clean signal and the bass boost is appreciated for movie watching. Solid little piece of equipment.
Also, if all the talk of amps has made you wonder if you somehow need one, or if it would make a difference on your headphones, this is a very inexpensive way to find out. You probably don't need one, but $35 is pretty easy on the wallet to try.
May 20, 2018
How will this perform for a HIFIMAN HE-4XX on a LG V20 with Neutron player?
May 15, 2018
I just received an empty black pleather case, WTF Massdrop!
Apr 21, 2018
Weird how this little thing costs $21 to ship to NZ, and the heavy and much larger (like 20 x larger!) Little Dot tube amp costs $18?
Apr 19, 2018
I took the drop and used it for the past two weeks. This is not a DAC, just an amplifier. It has enough battery for couple of days. I am primarily using this with my phone. I have tried using HiFiman Headphone (400i), Beyerdynamic IEM, and a cheap $20 earbuds. It seems that the staging of the music has increased by 25-30%, and the sound seems to improve with the use. Use of bass gain has improved the cheap earbuds and IEM, which makes them sound more expansive. There is some improvement to the HiFiman headphone's staging and gain in bass sound, but usually I like the neutral sounding of the headphone. So overall, I am happy with the drop.
A community member
Apr 17, 2018
too expensive with shipping outside of US ($57), cheaper from Aliexpress, $39 plus free shipping
Mar 21, 2018
Great little amp for the $$. Very clean and 100% quiet. Low gain doesn't offer huge improvement over my Note8. High gain is where the juice is. Sub bass is a little rolled off but for most music genres, you won't notice it much. I bought mine from Amazon for $39.99 with Prime 2 day free shipping. Faster and easier to deal with in case of needed return/exchange. Regardless where you get it from, highly recommended...
Mar 19, 2018
Ehhhh shipping an additional 21. No can do.
Mar 19, 2018
Would there be any advantage to using this to drive a headphone from the audio output jack of an iMac?
Mar 19, 2018
jonroHmmm if you're using iMac you're better off spending a tiny bit more and get an usb dac/amp.
That way you don't have to worry about battery also you're bypassing the iMac dac and letting the aftermarket dac/amp do its job.
Apr 17, 2018
HydeThe iMac already has a pretty good dac/amp so it's doubtful this would add anything.
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If you will; why would you be under the impression that the Fiio E17 is more suited for "audiophiles" when the Nx1, by specs has better "audio-quality"? Wouldn't the amplifier with the higher quality audio be of more interest to audiophiles than one with lesser performance in audio quality? the E17 is a 109 SNR device @rating (depending on the factor) the NX1s is around 110 @ the same rating I do believe, and is more aggressively priced. But they are very different devices, like comparing a jeep and a sports hatchback. i think the driving enthusiast would prefer the hatchback for cityfare. The Fiio costs more, imo, due to popularity and it's offroad capability (DAC) which has little to do with audiophiles or incity (amp) performance; I should say. It's not that it's better audio quality, right? The E17 isnt exactly "top tier" audio, like a high end computer sound-card or top flight cd player an audiophile might be plugging into in order to get the top audio quality possible, if you think audiophile are interested in listening to top-quality audio? Not sure what you think an audiophiles interest should be,.., I understand it to be that the Nx1s is a much simpler device, an simple audio amplifier that lets one connect it's higher audio-quality amplifier stage(than the E17) to a higher quality digital audio converter than the Fiio E17 eh? Or even to be used in more|fdifferent general applications. Some would prefer to simply line out of a cellphone, which has "pretty good" line outputs already, for the variable bit depth audio processing@embedded hardware than adding another device to the output. I think the Fiio's best for people who have poor digital audio stages and want to throw something in a little higher quality(audio), or to have a good baseline to use across multiple applications. Like to plug into something good to both say a laptop with poor audio, and a phone with poor audio, and maybe a home computer too., I think it's a bit silly for what I suspect most cases ppl use it for..
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