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May 14, 2016
I have one of these and I've also had an ultra-light electric that sadly was left behind in the amazonian rainforest. It's so light I didn't notice when it fell off my pack.
Are these guitars so great you're going to record your next studio album on and tour with them? No.
But you're not Joe Satriani. Neither am I.
I've been playing for about 20 years. I've climbed mountains with these and put them through some nasty conditions. They're extremely well made and I've shoved them in overhead airline storage bins, lower bus storage compartments, or just keep it with me in the airline seat.
They're perfect to play. Low action that I like, intonation is dead on and having a guitar this light and easy to maneuver means you'll be playing in places or in positions you might not normally. I like to play myself to sleep in bed sometimes.
As for the company: Their support is awesome. If you have an issue or question, the luthier will get back to you quickly if front-line support doesn't. Customer service is great and every interaction I've had with them over the last few years has been nothing short of stellar.
I can't say enough about how awesome this company is or how great their guitars are. I already have one of these or I'd jump on the drop. As soon as the bass shows up here, I'm in.
May 14, 2016
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