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Oct 3, 2015
@Naoo, On Massdrop it's CAD $288 / USD $219 for the Stainless Steel, and their Rose-gold is CAD $315 / USD $239, which is more expensive than our Kickstarter. Our cheapest Kickstarter price was the group buy (twin) for CAD $538 / USD $409 for both (CAD $269/ USD $204 each for stainless and rose-gold)
@Espen, Kickstarter backers will always receive their watches earlier than Massdrop buyers, as Massdrop receives their group buy stock at the end of our Kickstarter production run, then only ships out to their customers.
@cma22inc - you've supported us through our campaigns and we would really hate to lose you as a fan. We hope we've been able to clarify these issues, but still do get in touch with us at so we can speak to personally. Thanks in advance and hope to hear back from you.
Oct 3, 2015
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