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May 4, 2015
I ordered these some time during the Kennedy administration and they arrived today. They're definitely worth the money, if not the wait. I bought them to fall somewhere in between my knockabout $11 Monoprice 8320 value leaders and my ~$300 Ultimate Ears 10 set that I worry about damaging or losing on the go. Good news: The TTPODs sound much closer to the latter than the former. Which is excellent.
Surprise Value Bonus: The TTPODs are way more fun to listen to than the hollow, soulless AKG 553s I bought here while waiting for the TTPOD drop to ship. Actually, that's not really a bonus; now I just wish I had that $120 back...
To those concerned about the cost of buying new tips for these: I had a bunch of Comply tips on hand (I had to buy them to make the Monoprice buds go from terrible to passable), and while they help a little bit with comfort and isolation on the TTPODs, they don't change the sound signature that much. So unless you're having serious fit or seal issues, if you don't like the way they sound stock, you probably just won't like them.
May 4, 2015
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