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May 29, 2015
Well, I've had my pair for 3 days now and I thought about sharing my impressions with you guys. First of all, I was happy to see that they aren't as ugly as they appear in the photos. They aren't the most attractive piece of equipment, but they're IEMs, who cares? Secondly, the build quality is quite alright. No weak spots, no creaking, no nothing. The supplied eartips are plenty and will satisfy the needs of most people, although I will probably be buying a pair of comply foam tips at some point. Finally the sound. At first I was... Disappointed, to say the least. They sounded harsh, lacked detail and quickly caused fatigue. And seeing as I'm not really sensitive to this kind of stuff, I was really surprised, and not pleasantly. So they fell in the "they're ok for the price paid" category, and I thought I would use them for working out, when sound quality doesn't matter that much. But I decided to not give up on them and left them 2 days straight plugged into my PC (Nice thing is that my PC can output different sound streams from different jacks, so I just left them there even when I was using the thing) playing music at about 50% volume. I tried them again today and SWEET JESUS is there a difference. I could swear that the earphones I left aren't the same ones I picked up. The sound isn't harsh at all, the soundstage is better (Not really good compared to big headphones, but compared to other IEMs it's very good), the bass became tighter and more controlled... And the list goes on. There isn't one aspect of their sound that didn't improve. That's the first time I've heard such a massive diffrence from burning audio equipment in, so color me impressed. A small but rather nice bonus it that they take equalizer settings quite well, so if there's too much or too little bass for you, just EQ it, it'll sound good. Looks like I'm in no hurry to buy better IEMs right now. :)
May 29, 2015
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