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Mar 27, 2016
Another owner here: Got mine a few weeks ago, Look awesome, I can get an ok fit but it feels like there isn't as much seal compared to other iems. Now heres where mine get odd, The detail is great, vocals sound clear and beautiful, but the low end on mine is very lacking (even for an akg k701 user ;) ) If i push them in a nice amount of low end comes through but the mids/highs are gone, and if I pull them out slightly vice-versa. I dont know if its just my fit but most of my friends agree, that vocals sound great, but most other genres don't really benifit from these. Sound mint with Coldplay and sorts Don't sound great with rock, punk, power metal or edm. The highs can get fatiguing and I also saw a noticable increase in quality by amping these puppies. Can't say anything about issues with build quality but mine aren't old enought to say. They do look swanky as hell though. (Purple&Grey)
Mar 27, 2016
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