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Oct 29, 2019
Is it enough for the Jubilee?
Oct 30, 2019
MarcidifTbh, I'm not sure if you would really need a dac/ amp/ combo unit for this. Whatever you're currently using, try it out first. However (while I personally don't think you'll have this issue), if you think the volume is too low, then you would want to look for a wall powered amp (ex: JDS Atom) to help power these. Again, these are 150ohm headphones so I don't see it being an issue with things like motherboard audio sets and phones. Now, if you think that your motherboard audio or whatever you're playing off of has terrible audio quality, then these might be an upgrade. I didn't do extensive testing personally but other than less bass, (potentially software eq), I can't say I notice too big of difference between my motherboard audio and this unit. Maybe there's small detail differences, but not huge enough for me care on a daily basis/ casual listening.
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