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Jul 23, 2014
Hey Guys,
The vendor got back to us today and let us know that the delay they are facing will run until mid-August. We are working with them to try and get shipments out earlier, but this is the information we have from them currently.
We understand this delay is rather undesirable. If you prefer not to wait for the uDAC and want to have your order cancelled, just email us at, and we will process the refund right away.
If there’s any feedback or concerns, please feel free to email us back at
Otherwise expect an update from u on 8/10 or sooner if something comes up.
Jul 23, 2014
Jul 23, 2014
I thought I could wait, but I wouldn't surprised if we hear mid-September at the end of next month. Unfortunate.
I'll contact support now for a refund, you guys are awesome on your part.
Jul 23, 2014
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