Ultimate Ears UE900s IEM

Ultimate Ears UE900s IEM

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Aiming for the sound of a custom in-ear monitor with the convenience of a universal fit, the Ultimate Ears UE900s is well suited for personal listening and professional applications alike. The IEM features a small shell that rests comfortably in most ears, regardless of size or shape, thanks to the proprietary fit tip system Read More

Apr 20, 2019
.. Me too
Apr 20, 2019
That was fast, what was the price point?
May 3, 2019
Apr 20, 2019
Why is it out of stock, I've only just had the email to say the drop is available.
Apr 20, 2019
Can someone tell me are the build issues still the same with what people have been complaining? Faceplate peeling, intermittent mmcx connector, bad quality cable among others? Thanks in advance.
Apr 20, 2019
The intermittent MMCX connector was due to some residue left on the connector during the manufacturing process. I’m not sure if it has been fixed yet, but you could always get a brush and clean it off, it should resolve any connection issues they have. As for faceplate peeling, I’m not sure if this has been addressed. I still have a first gen model (900, non-S model) which has the right faceplate peel a little.
Apr 19, 2019
I bought these last time they dropped and they worked fine for a while and honestly sounded quite good but the general build quality is abhorrent. The paint started peeling quickly and the MMCX connectors wore down shortly after buying them to the point of no longer being functional. It's a good deal if you're willing to accept the risks
Apr 20, 2019
Sorry to hear that, I'm glad to hear they replaced it for you though.
Apr 20, 2019
Yeah. Massdrop saved the day here for sure
Oct 6, 2018
Bad experience.
Music quality was ok, but mids were muffled and bass ill defined. But generally still an ok listen. However, build quality is really bad. See the glossy black surface on the earbuds? Those are painted. The black surface on mine dropped after just 3 months of careful usage. I store them in the provided earphone case and never carelessly chucked them around. Now, the right side has totally peeled and the left side is cracking/ peeling. Warranty service was slow and ineffective. It's like they didn't even care about their customers. They just pushed away their responsibility and it's now a game of tennis.
See attached picture.
TLDR, stay away. Keep your dollars for something else. Logitech UE900s is an ailing animal waiting to be put out of its misery. For this amount of money we are paying, this is not the customer service that we should be getting.
Aug 23, 2018
Guys, have any of you tried warranty repair?
My UE900s was off balance /clarity and right side was defective. I am not sure if it became defective in the past 3 months or if it was defective but subtle enough to not recognize it.
So I called UE for warranty repair, but their answer was that they are out of stock for UE900s, so the only option they have is to give me something from jaybird ( which does not match any close to the quality of UE900s.
So I wen to their UE site and found that UE900s on stock. So I told the warranty person that they have stock. But the response I got was that it is sales stock and not warranty stock.
So my conclusion is that all of us who bought this product are deceived with false advertisement. At least misleading.
So easy for them to bullshit and say "WE HAVE STOCK FOR SALE BUT NOT FOR WARRANTY"
So disappointed at UE's ill practice.
Apr 20, 2019
Yup, they offered me a UE boom as a replacement... Wtf, not even close. I would never buy UE product again because of my interaction with their support
Jul 18, 2018
I must be an idiot. When I read “in-line iOS controls“ I assumed it meant a lighyn connector. But when opening the box last night I saw the attached 3.5mm so thou it must be the second cable......nope. Also 3.5mm.
Yeah, I must not be able to read correctly.... a bit disappointed.
At at least I KNOW my nobles arriving in a couple of months will have an extra cable with a lightning connector
Aug 20, 2018
Sorry to hear that, but I think that's Apple's fault :P Everything has a headphone jack back then.
Jul 8, 2018
Got mine yesterday, yay my custom tips from my old Super 5s fit! Great packaging and generous supply of tips/extras. Definitely lives up to their original pricing from that standpoint.
Here's my quick first impression: Sound Q... is OK. I'll need to put a some hours on them and compare them to few of the IEMs & cans I have, give a go with a few tips, sources, and see if the other cable matters. Keep in mind I'm not intending on listening to anything beyond 320 MP3s on an iPhone 7+ with them so YMMV if you use better source material, amps, etc. I'll probably give them a go on my PC setup (onboard>optical>HK 6xx avr) just to see if a decent amp makes a difference, I recall the Supers responded well to some amping giving a small, but noticeable, improvement. I just don't plan on using them like that on a daily which is where I'm keeping more of my focus.
Right off the bat though I'm pretty darn sure these are NOT like my Supers which had a pretty flat, analytic, sound that I compared to AKG K701 at the time (~10yrs ago jeez!). They seem a little bright, not painfully, just a bit more emphasis on the upper range; sound stage is something I don't typically think about but in this case I noticed it feels like it's all right on top of me - it's a bit claustrophobic if that makes any sense. Like I don't need Mark Foster in my lap man, get back on stage. I'm not a big believer in break-in but hopefully these do a bit.
Just to give you an idea of where I'm coming from Grado SR-325i, Westone ADV1s, Koss Porta-Pros, and Apple buds are the most common I use. The Grados have my ideal sound signature but I did like my old Supers for the occasional analytic session.
I'll do my best to swing back with more thoughts once I've given them a fair shake.
Jul 6, 2018
got mine in May, used them with mike cable for about a month. no issues, decent sound for $175, but definitely not worth retail 399 price. Thought I might get some improvement with the non mike cable so tried to switch it out, but no sound from left IEM. Was worried that maybe I broke the IEM, so swapped in the miked cable and got left channel back. So i have a bad cable. - figure no big deal , easy replacement under warranty. Spent 45 min trying to explain to some foreign girl on tech support line. After emailing my rcpt, i was told they can either replace the entire system or I can get a 3.5mm housing replacement. Clearly makes no sense as the 3.5mm housing is molded in to the cable and not user replaceable. Had a similar issue with my Klipsch X10, and 5 m call with support and new replacement on their way. UE support really sucks.
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