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Nov 16, 2015
Price is steep for what you are getting. If this were a full size binder the price would be right. As is for the same price you can get FULL (11" x8") Ultra pro flex style binders and just modify them yourself. Saves you more money because it has double to triple the capacity of this half size binder.
For reference here for $9.99 is the Ultra Pro version of this for standard size cards.
And here is the ultra pro full size for standard cards for $19.99
You can seal off each standard pocket to make a double pocket, thus holding 18 mini cards per page in the full size binder, or 8 for the small binder. Yes that is 1 less per page than this item. But for nearly double the cost it's not a big loss not getting that extra card per page.
In essence you are paying the "well you can't get it anywhere else" markup. Especially since modifying these binders to suite your needs for x-wing (and other mini american board game cards) is relatively easy.
It's nice that this exists as maybe it will start driving competition and get ultra pro to make a full size. But as of now, it's a pass for me unless they get their prices in check.
Nov 16, 2015
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