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Oct 30, 2017
Got the 800 straps a week ago-ish, and tried them out this weekend. Got a pair of 12KN Wise Owl carabiners from Amazon. Wanted to go out in the rain to test my set-up and Saturday morning did not disappoint, rained for a solid 3-1/2 hours, moderate to heavy, starting about 4:30 AM.
Initial set-up is very simple of course. Sit in hammock to get everything taught, readjust, fix and eat dinner, lounge in hammock in high humidity - some stretching but likely from the nylon 10 ft double hammock, readjusted the tension but in hindsight I should have moved the strap up the tree instead because the ridgeline was pretty tight. Went to sleep like this, temps in the 60's, I might max out at 190 lbs with whatever I wear and put on or in the hammock, 9 hours in the hammock with a couple of nature calls, and including the 3-1/2 hours of rain, didn't end up on the ground - in fact everything stayed exactly the same as far as I could tell.
So far very happy with the investment. The previous suspension was a whoopee/polyester tree strap combo and the number of tension/height adjustments I have to make when I use that is usually 2-3 in humid conditions, once again I suspect the stretch in the system comes from the nylon fabric in the hammock.
Oct 30, 2017
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