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Feb 14, 2018
I love Pro Matte's... they're the perfect combo of cheap and good.
Eclipse are better (be aware of the old versions ruining the backs of cards with the black back, the new version don't do this) Dragon Shields are almost the best, but they start getting sticky after shuffling a lot, whereas the Eclipse maintain the smooth shuffle after heavy use.
For tournament decks, I use Eclipse or Dragonshields. For everything else (casual play, etc) I just use these Pro Mattes. As far as split sleeves, I've used the crap out of mine and maybe only have 1-2 over the past year that split. I have 100's in all colors across many various games (MTG, Starwars Destiny, Munchkin CCG, board games with cards that get handled a lot, etc).
Also, these Pro Matte 50 packs are $3.49 at CoolStuff, only $6 flat rate shipping under $100... makes 6 of these packs $27 total shipped in the US.
Feb 14, 2018
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