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May 28, 2014
Why would you pay this much for UIEMs? I paid full retail for them because they are just that good. I didn't want to go custom without having more time with the IEM's and going Universal allows resale. Hell these sell 2nd hand for $1000.
Regarding the sound, I found them better than the Roxanne (also universal). Much more detailed and less dark.
For those saying that to spend this much on UIEMs is crazy and you should get customs, why? Isolation, sure... Sound? Well that is subjective. The only IEM I would consider getting custom now is the Mentor!
Further to this, if you were to buy this now and love it as much as I have, you can always send them off later and you have a pair of Mentor Customs for $1400.
If I didnt have them already, I would be all over this.
May 28, 2014
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