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May 4, 2015
I've been following the Urth brand for a while, but since I wasn't that too familiar with this product I decided to use it for a shave and give a quick review for others here in case they don't know this brand well.
As a background, I shave about once per week and typically use soaps over creams because I can get a better lather. I've used most of the standard mid-range soaps and creams (TOBS, Simpsons, Van Der Hagen, Col. Conk, Proraso, etc), some of which I've really enjoyed and some I really disliked.
The Urth cream has a nice subtle smell (there aren't any added fragrances, just the smells from the natural ingredients). It definitely has a bit of a tingle during and after the shave from the spearmint extract, which feels great. The cream does feel a bit 'slick,' in a good way. The razor really glides over this stuff easily. I did my usual two passes with a DE razor and the shave was great, very smooth and no nicks. After rinsing, the tingle was still there but none of the dryness that usually accompanies that sensation (like what you'd get with an alcohol-based product). I have very sensitive skin, and I feel like this product worked very well for that.
All told, this is definitely the best shave cream I've used and was equal to or better than my favorite soaps. I will definitely be using this more often.
May 4, 2015
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