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Mar 8, 2016
my v60 mini with matias quiet clicks has arriverd. it's my first mechanical keyboard since... well, since around 15 years. thought i'd just leave a short review here (mostly for myself). the v60 mini has turned out to be both a satisfaction and a disappointment.
what's good: the tactile click; the size and weight; the overall quality.
what's disappointing: no backlight; no usb hub; useless puller (or are those caps glued on?); the usb cable a bit too rigid.
also the idea of using shift/win/context menu/ctrl as arrows is great but only works well with unmodified layout (switches 5 and 6 in default).
p.s. after three days of use i've noticed that one key chatters quite often, and it's stably reproduceable. unfortunately it's in the alphabet part of the keyboard so there's no ignoring it =( is there any hope of fixing it myself (without soldering) or any other options?
Mar 8, 2016
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