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Dec 15, 2014
Just wanted to let people know about a tiny issue I had with this keyboard on my particular setup. I'm using a Maximus VII Hero Z97 motherboard. One fairly unique feature of this board is the KeyBot function. It seems like the board will not work with this function turned on however. This is likely true for the ROG X99 boards, and anything else that Asus throws KeyBot into.
It scared the hell out of me at first, but ended up not being an issue. When I first plugged in the keyboard it wasn't registered at all. Not by Windows or even UEFI. Turnning off the KeyBot feature instantly fixed the problem. It would be nice to have the features available, and perhaps a firmware update will get it working (though it's doubtful), but I absolutely love this keyboard. So I'm willing to deal.
Hope this helps anyone who might have run into the same problem!
Dec 15, 2014
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