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Jun 14, 2017
Received mine today, and immediately I said, not bad for the price. But the sound coming out of these buds right out of the bag was a tad bit muffled to my taste, and they were just a tad bit uncomfortable in my ears. After a few hours of burning in, however, it already starts to sound better. Lows are punchier now and highs are becoming crisper. Much larger sound stage over my trusty Apple IEM's that I bought a long while ago with an old iPod. While I do not own any hi-fi equipment other than my home theater setup, I can certainly recognize and appreciate quality sounds. These reveal some musical notes that my other earphones couldn't reproduce. And with a right pair of foams around the buds, they aren't uncomfortable. Most importantly my ears don't hurt after hours of listening. Give it some time, let it sit and play a variety of genre of music for several hours or a burn-in track for several hours and get back to it. Totally worth 5 bucks, and I would have paid more. Enjoy listening.
Jun 14, 2017
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