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Jun 19, 2017
This is my 1st comment on MD... Just received these 2 hours today and I have to say they are absolutely phenomenal and incredible value. Even without any burn-in these earphones are open, punchy, detailed, natural sounding, fairly detailed, with awesome texture. I was expecting a lot based on the reviews but I am still blown away and that is disregarding the price. I believe they rival the best headphones I have and tried. Too soon to say how they measure up to some of the best in specific fields but I cannot detect any deficiencies after my admittedly limited listening time so far. I think they must be giving these away at a loss otherwise I don't get it :)
NOTE: I am absolutely sure that those that found the sound underwhelming did so because of the fit - they sounded horribly flat and congested when I first tried them on because they were not pointing directly to the ear canal. I guess that is due to the shape of my ears. When I tried them with the fin tips it was a night and day difference. If you don't like them just try to change their orientation with your fingers to notice the difference.
Jun 19, 2017
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