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Dec 13, 2017
So my friend got his already, still waiting on my units with the braided cable to come in.
That said, I borrowed his and they live up to the $5 Chi-Fi hype. Great clarity, super warm mids, love em.
My gripes are as follows:
1. Not incredibly comfortable. May want to hunt down some thicker foams. 2. Since these are earbuds, there's 0 noise isolation. As a result, the bass can be a bit anemic.
Due to the slightly higher impedance and the lack of bass/isolation, I plugged them into my Topping NX1s amp. With gain/bass boost on, these sound incredible. The warm mids really bring out male vocals and high-gain guitars (Interpol and Intervals sounded really fantastic.) I also have to give props to the cable and jack as well. Very solid, not something I feel will fall apart after a few weeks of wear & tear.
I think these are worth it to have tossed into your backpack on the daily, or just as a backup if you forget your daily driver IEMs.
I'll have to toss them back to my buddy soon, can't wait to get mine in the mail!!
EDIT 1/9/2018:
I received mine in the mail, and boy am I glad I opted for the upgrade package with the braided cable and case. The nicer cable comes with a very sturdy termination point, a carrying case, and lots of additional choices for ear foams. The braided cable is also longer than the stock cable, meaning I can wear these more comfortably when using a portable amp or my desktop setup.
The Y-Joint where the cables meet seems kind of far away from your chin, but adding a small piece of shrink-wrap should fix that problem fairly easily. Would have been nice if this was added from the get-go.
Easy $20 spend on a fun set of earbuds!!
Dec 13, 2017
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