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Jun 23, 2018
Pretty decent sounding, probably the best you'll ever find for the price.
I acquired a couple pairs to use around campus and at work, I figured they're small enough they won't take up much space in my bag, buy also cheap enough that if I lose a pair it's not a huge deal.
Turns out they sound pretty good for $5 earbuds, but they're still $5 earbuds. The sound isn't "audiophile", but it is certainly more than "good enough" to listen to at the library or in the office or what have you. The right piece of one of my pairs would separate where the black piece is glued to the red piece starting a couple months ago, and when I tried them the other day (I only listen to the left one at work for reasons) the right side no longer worked. The wires are still soldered in and the wires aren't damaged, so it would seem the driver itself is borked.
But like I mentioned earlier, I bought them expecting $5 earbuds that I could lose without too much stress and I pretty much received $20 earbuds that I could lose without too much stress.
Jun 23, 2018
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