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Aug 23, 2018
These are $5 monsters. Easily worth 10x their price from a sound quality standpoint. They don't have thumping bass, but it is present. These headphones are really solid in the mids and highs. From a build quality they are pretty durable, very durable, don't feel like they will break easily and are built like they are expected to take a little bit of a beating. They are moderately comfortable, w/ without the fuzzy covers I feel like they are slightly worse than the old ipod headphones. They will probably hurt if you are wearing them for hours, but if you just need a quick set to take with you in a bag on the go, these are second to none for the price. I own 4 right now with 2 unopened in the event I break my current pairs and this isn't on a drop. If you cannot get these on a drop, then you can order of Ali Express, shipping times will be just as long though and you will have to pay for shipping, which isn't a lot but when we are talking about $5 headphones that is a significant portion of the price. 5/5 though, you can't go wrong owning a pair but they will never be daily drivers.
Aug 23, 2018
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