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Nov 21, 2018
I wanted non-isolating headphones so I can hear if my baby is crying at home, and so I can hear without taking them off if someone at home or work starts a conversation with me. And I wanted them to be inexpensive in case my cat chews the cord (which fortunately has not happened yet), or if the cord gets snagged while I'm walking, or I lose them, etc. And I wanted them to sound good enough that their audio performance does not annoy me while listening to them. The VE Monk Plus meets all three of these requirements, and I have used them a lot as a result. My only complaint is that the replaceable foam covers wear out and occasionally rip, and I would prefer more durability. I know that I could use them bare or use one of the rubber covers for more durability, but I like the fit and feel with the foam covers. It would be great if there was something that gave a positive fit and feel like I get with the foam, but was more durable. Perhaps that is unreasonable, but the world is full of incredible things that were once inconceivable or thought to be impossible.
Nov 21, 2018
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