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Nov 26, 2018
Sound 3/5 bassy thick and warm, mostly mid-bass. Mids are a tad recessed but gooey sounding from upper bass, not too horrible. Highs are barely serviceable. Overall a good 5 dollar value, less so when you spent 10 or 15 on the button/modified versions, there's better out there for 15. for 4.99 though get them if you're okay with bleeding warm and v-shaped sound-I still have a pair of sony earbuds from 2001 that smash these, but they were 30 bucks even then so it's unfair to compare. Only other complaint is the chassis, the earbuds are slightly too large imo, I've had others feel more secure. so overall I'd rate 3/5 sound 3/5 base chassis (too big, no skip button unless you double price) 4.5/5 for value, rounding overall review to 4/5 for what they are. Just don't expect them to destroy and you'll be good, I gifted a pair to a non-audiophile friend and he appreciated these, and I'd recommend them as gifts.
Nov 26, 2018
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