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Nov 26, 2018
I keep coming back to these 5 dollar ear buds even with my vast collection of iems. They're just so easy to use and I couldn't careless what happens to them knowing they don't cost 30-150 USD to replace. 4/5 Sound - (Mainly because of the open soundstage these provide compared to iems, if you own an openback pair of headphones you would appreciate earbuds over iems. Not so great for loud environments as these have little to no sound isolation. Could be a plus however, I wear these at conventions and can still hear conversations)

4/5 Build - (They're only 5 bucks but I've had a pair last longer than my ATH-IM50, twice)

2/5 Build w/Mic+Button - (No one should even get these features on a sub 50 dollar headphone anyway)

3/5 Comfort - (Now it's entirely up to the user on how these will fit you. If you know earbuds cause you discomfort I would advise to skip these, as they won't be of use to you. Some people comment on the discomfort of the earbuds but these fit me perfectly. It all comes down to the shape of the ear for people)

7/5 Value - (4.99 USD + Shipping, need I say more)
Nov 26, 2018
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