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Jan 3, 2019
These are my go to earphones for small chamber ensemble and full orchestral music. Mids are very dense and warm sounding. Fantastic for music with a wide dynamic range. Something about the imaging and way the mid bass blooms that reminds me of listening to live performances in small recital halls and the sound of a full orchestra/band from the podium. This very unique listening position implies that the soundstage is not massive but it is an interesting perspective. Listening to music that isn't overly compressed and doesn't rely on sub bass is also very enjoyable. There are much better earphones for this type of music. Wouldn't say "don't bother," but don't judge them solely on how they perform with these tracks. Lastly, spoken word sounds amazing. I have a pair just for listening to podcasts before bed. Which leads me to the one negative...I purchased the three button Android set to listen to music and control my playlists in the dark. The buttons didn't work with my HTC U11. Not a deal breaker but I did pay $10 for that set.
Jan 3, 2019
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