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Jan 8, 2019
I got the standard version for $5. For the price? Incredible. I only use these as backup earbuds for my MacBook and my iPhone X, and tossing price aside I'll mention some things I noticed with these. Volume isn't super loud from my phone when at max volume, which I'm okay with since I prefer listening to quieter music, but these earbuds aren't meant to cancel out ambient noise so they aren't ideal in busy or loud environments. I do notice some cable noise. Opting for the braided cable may fix this, and I still think they would be worth the extra $15. Comfort wise, I find them incredibly comfortable. The right and left indicators are a bit hard to see, so I color coded the earbuds with the included red and blue covers. Final side note, mine seemed like they were fresh off the assembly line because the black coating/paint got on my fingers as soon as I opened the package. Didn't affect the look of the headphones, but my hands got dirty. Be prepared to wipe down these with a cloth or wet-wipe.
Jan 8, 2019
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