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Jul 25, 2016
What the hell is going on? I live in HAWAII. The damn tracking says this, in exact date order....
July 14 Electronic notification received, En route to DHL eCommerce. July 16 Arrival at DHL Syracuse. Processed. July 18 Departure "Origin" eCommerce Facility. July 21 Arrival "Destination" Facility. July 22 "Tendered" to USPS. July 24 ARRIVED USPS HONOLULU HAWAII. 4:11 PM Hawaiian Time. July 24 Processed Through "Sort" Facility RICHMOND CALIFORNIA 5:26 Pacific Time. July 25 Processed through "Sort" Facility AGAIN in Richmond CALIFORNIA.
This is the last time i get anything using MASderp. Im glad i pulled my orders from the Vorso MK1 and Lambda Tops and went straight to the Makers. Everyone knows we could have ordered Monks from AEX, and got them within a week at MOST. No more, never again. Complete and utter waste of time.
Jul 25, 2016
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