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Aug 3, 2016
I bought 10 sets in the last drop, expecting similar performance and sonic profiles to the original 6 sets I had from aliexpress. I found all ten of my "new" "limited edition" earbud exhibited a much more bloated bass response. I put them in my HTF mic from AP, and found that the drivers are different, with markedly lower power handling. Not sure if that was intentional on VE's part, but I was super disappointed. The drivers perform exceptionally well in a band pass earbud, but again, over 5% distortion at 1/10 the power of the original driver. If I had to guess, I'd say the driver is now made with a lower mil film, bringing rocking modes and breakup in a much lower range and amplitude. 10/10 would not buy again, except from aliexpress. Not sure why this drop produced such horrible drivers in comparison. I comfortably hold the VE monks I have up against my FAD sonorus X and hd800s, except above 11khz and below 120hz. These headphones are NOT comparable, and I've thrown this lot out. One of the 10 was dead on arrival too, by the way. No biggie because of the price, but if you are looking for the audiophile experience from VE, look somewhere else.
Aug 3, 2016
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