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Sep 1, 2016
I bought this(3 of them) from AliExpress because it is more expensive if I buy from Massdrop due to shipping and takes more time to get it to Australia. Got it 3 days ago and it is pretty good. Its like wearing an open back headphone. The sound stage is surprising. Without any burn-in, it still sounded pretty good. I felt it was flat but my friend tells me its bass heavy. We felt in common that it was bright and to me it was too bright. Another thing in common was that due to it being an earbut and it was bit large for peope with small ears. And as it was large to fit, it started to hurt after an hour of enjoyment. I would love to pay another USD5 if there was a silicone tip I can wear it on the monk+ and use it as IEM. I dont think I can enjoy it due to the pain in my ears. Although it sounds pretty good, its going in my drawer like other iems. I will still say it is supposed to be impossible to produce such sound quality at 5USD, but it still goes in to my drawer because I cannot enjoy it. If you have any suggestion on any custom silicone tips for monk, it would be great.
Sep 1, 2016
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