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Sep 22, 2016
I like to walk, and that's why I rely on earbuds to listen to music while outside. IEMs will prevent me from hearing whats around me. I normally stick to Apple Earpods, especially because of the mic, but now I use these guys wherever I go and keep the earpods with me in case I need to make a call. They're rock solid and probably won't break for a long time. They also don't seem to tangle easily, which is fantastic.
When listening at home, I was repeatedly fooled that clicking noises in the background of ambient tracks were actually coming from the room I was sitting in. And after making a field recording today, I was listening to it while walking away from where I took the recording and I had to look behind me every so often to make sure the sound I recorded wasn't following me. It sounded like it was really there. I've never experienced this with any kind of headphone before. These little baddies sound great and I recommend them if you don't mind the open sound of earbuds. Wonderful.
Sep 22, 2016
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