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Jan 4, 2017
Mine arrived today (from the last drop). They do sound reaaally good for their price, but out of the box I'm not that impressed according to my personal taste, and the fact that I'm used to hearing heaphones with different sound signatures. Mid-range is too present for me, but once fixed with an EQ (admitting that Cowon's JetEffect EQ-thing doesn't actually work with magic) omg I have to remind myself I paid like 8$ a pair. There's a good amount of bass (without eq-ing) for an open earbud, but I'd prefer having a bit more of it. And uh, treble could've been okay if medium frequencies weren't all over the place. I'd rather have recessed highs than cheap in-ear laptop speakers though. Soundstage is great to me, nothing to say here.
(Also, I don't have that much experience in heaphones listening; I may not be using the right audio-grade terms, or be just plain wrong haha)
They are quite big, it should be considered if you neeeed foam covers on top of them (which ARE included, which I somehow missed in the product description). Price-wise you'll never actually pay 5$ if you live in Europe haha lol. So I ordered 2, desperately trying to cover shipping fees.
Finally, I think I need to share a picture of the product... and the bag in which they came. (And no I don't have a mech keyboard yet lol)
TL;DR : really good for the price despite shipping fees (to Europe at least), they're big and they can really shine with some EQ.
Jan 4, 2017
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