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Jan 6, 2017
Just received mine. Ive never had a problem with earbuds so fit was perfect.
Using a Samsung S6 Edge: Due to the high impedance (for an earbud) the phone volume had to be 20% higher than what I would normally use with the Apple AirPods. Soundstage seems to be wider as opposed to being deep. Clarity isn't bad but nothing incredible. Bass is quick but kind of comes off as muddy. The mids are more forward (I found). At higher volumes, I found there was some slight sibilance with the earbuds.
Using a Macbook Pro 2015: Like the S6 Edge, soundstage is more so 'wide' than 'deep' however the clarity is great! Its easy to distinguish the instruments being used. The bass retains its quick punch however sounds more crisp. I still found the mids to be ever-so slightly forward however sounding much fuller. Only at very high volumes did I notice some sibilance (hardly noticeable).
Overall, this thing is pretty balanced . While this comes as no surprise, I would definitely recommend using this earbud with an AMP to take advantage of its sound signature and demanding impedance. At $5, its a STEAL no doubt. Regardless, I still prefer the SE215.
Jan 6, 2017
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