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Oct 2, 2017
The new non-stick coatings are pretty amazing. Most are ceramic based, so tough as nails (compared to soft Teflon), more effective than Teflon. I got one frypan with one of the modern coatings a few years ago, and over the last few years have completely turned over all my straight stainless steel for stainless steel coated with the new non-stick coatings. My opinion - they're not as non-stick as Teflon, but close enough. Others will say they're more non-stick. YMMV.
I take issue with the article posted above that says the new ceramics are more delicate than Teflon. My son isn't terribly careful about anything, and can destroy a Teflon pan in three or four visits. I've caught him using stainless steel utensils in the ceramic pots and pans, zero damage. I would NOT try that, though. Ceramic coatings are pretty thin compared to other non-stick coatings. It's possible to scratch almost anything, given sufficient lack of attention.
I think these area pretty decent deal, and Viking does a great job of making killer pots and pans, at a price. I'm not joining the drop, not because of anything about these pans, but because I'm deep in skillets of various sizes with ceramic coatings.
Oct 2, 2017
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