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Dec 31, 2015
Ended up buying the Lake People G109A Anniversary version. After much digging, found from guys who owned both G109 & V90 (and some also G103 & V100), that the G109 sound is clearer. The middle gains setting works for almost all cans except the very few highest-demanding ones, then internally the gains switches can be simply adjusted for those if needed (top is popped off to reach switch). G109 is very similar to V100, and G103 is very similar to V90. The internal amp-type on G109A is same as V100 also. Decided didn't need pre-outs, so sound was deciding factor for me & G109 is on Tyell's InnerFidelity Wall Of Fame. Three other solid state desktops made the "wall", only the Meier Rock priced less. The Meier Classic or Jazz FF however may be better competition for the G109. I just couldn't bite at Meiers nor Audio GD CD-2 (NFB-1). Thought the Cavalli Liquid Carbon to be a great contender but $200 more, and maybe moreso when next production runs. If Violectric/Lake People wasn't around, probably would've then bought Meier Jazz FF.
Got my G109A today, fast delivery and price with shipping brand new 1st quality was only $440. Regular price $570 on sale to $500 with an extra additional 15% off code at checkout = "Winter-15". Not sure how long that price runs so I jumped on it a few days ago. $440 shipped is good deal, as V100 price is $760 plus shipping. Considered a used V100, but a new G109A at $320 to $335 savings (shipped) with warranty new vs new, sealed the deal as the G109A sound (with upgraded capacitors in "A" Anniversary edition, gold-feet & gold lettering) is very similar to V100. All these mentioned amps are incredible, just depends on preference and functionality. The Lake People and Violectric are built like tanks & have phenomenal customer support & advice if needed,- head-fi'ers have a good G103/G109 thread up concerning much of this. The units bought in Germany/UK (from Thomann) are 240 v types, the units bought from Violectric(Lake People) in USA are USA voltage. This will be my end-game amp for dynamics & planars. The G109A matches well with HD800 and high-demanding planars. It will run about anything but 1 or 2 headphones out there.
The V90 is exceptional & great if needing to very quickly change gains settings back & forth on unit back continuously for many headphones & if pre-outs are needed -nice functionality. Wish the G109A had those fast features, even front gains-switches would be better. Violectric & Lake People are built like tanks too. Axell Grell, the HD800 developer says V100 is 1 of his favorite amps. I can't think of a better amp <$500 than the G109A -it's performance level approaches other $1000 amps. Chosing a model just depends on the best fit for the user; maybe this will help someone.
Dec 31, 2015
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