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Nov 9, 2017
i bought the previous GN32Q, it is a fantastic monitor so i am grabbing this one as well because what's better than 1 nice monitor ... is 2 nice monitors, kk
i see a lot of people have this question (including myself) what's the difference between this and the GN32Q: 1. they are the same panel 2. structural esthetic is different (leg, color, stand) 3. firmware (how you control/adjust/calibrate color/tone) is different 4. response time - this one is comparable (also related to firmware), you have a normal mode the 32Q suppose to have 6ms and 3ms on OD, this one is 8ms normal and 3ms on OD (or whatever supposedly a .08 tad better on OD than 32Q) - well response time is varied for a lot of different panels (by different makers), a lot of times you see monitor brand advertising 2ms, 1ms, however they are not true consistent ms across the board, they'll just take the best ms time of the favorable game and put it there, in other games it may be 5-15ms with real world use. So dont trust the shortest ms number. it's also hard for the manufacturer to test all the games out there, so they'll just average this based on their standard software test suits. => what's important is that for your personal use, if you dont see ghosting or artifacts on the screen for your game then it's good enough, my 2 cents (i have OD turn off with the 32Q, i dont see any ghosting/artifact/blurring or other issue), that's why i decided to add this monitor => i checked the samsung 32" curved ($619), even though it says 1ms response time, however people have post in real testing G2G by tftcentral it goes from 5ms to 37.5ms, so you see what's going on => i rather go with a brand such as viotek (where customer service is excellent, you can see they respond to every post here), great hardware, and honest specs (they are conservative with their number and only post based on their own testing rather than going with the most favorable number but misleading)
Nov 9, 2017
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