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Dec 17, 2013
Hello Steve,
Thank you for showing professionalism by taking charge on that matter, offering full refund and $50 credit towards future purchases . I am not sure that many would do that. For now, I feel confident that matter will be handled properly and I will remain a customer. I suggest your company should send official email to participants of this drop stating what you've stated on this board to ensure that we as customers have records of this matter.
I have 2 questions that some of us might have and already asked:
1. If drop was paid by credit card or paypal, when approximately do we expect to see full refund for those who did not receive headphones? What about those who did receive and will return them?
2. How $50 credit will be applied towards future purchases? Do we have an ability to see $50 in our accounts?
Thank you and Best Regards, Igor
Dec 17, 2013
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