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Mar 25, 2016
So.... I tried to live with POK3R White / White / Green for a day. To be honest, it doesn't feel that bad despite the keycaps have no legend "due to shortage".
However, I feel the switches do not feel stiff at all compared to my CODE Clear. I did my homework-ish and people do say Green is one of the stiffest (if not the stiffest) in the market. Therefore, I am really wondering whether my understanding is wrong about Green all this time. Or I become Superman or something, which I highly suspect. Also, I check the stem color and it is Green like kryptonite Green. Oh well.
Anyway, I feel bad for the admin of this drop due to the number of unhappy customers (which is their right anyway). At the same time, it is not admin's fault after I think about it. Poor admin.
Thus, I do feel a need to have a poll system of each successful drop. And only the buyers on that particular drop can vote their satisfaction. So that Massdrop can prevent (or minimize) popular drop like this from "dropping" the ball. Additionally, comments get buried easily; I bet no one reads this drop's comment as soon as the new drop is coming.
So, I strongly feel all successful drops need to have vote/poll system.
P.S. I am really curious whether someone in this drop really get keycaps with legends, because remember Vortex says "shortage" not "out of stock" or "not available".
Mar 25, 2016
Mar 25, 2016
It's you yourself deciding whether you are to accept it or not in the first place.
That also doesn't gives you the right to paint the picture black just because there are a lot of people like me looking for a refund because as I've shown that my keyboard really does have defects/flaws on it and not some minor changes.
The way you wrote your comment is like indirectly saying: quit your whinings, and suck it up.
Let me just give you a scenario in which you are stranded with a keyboard that had dead switches in your hands? What would you do?
So you feel bad for Massdrop? Do you happen to remember the part that these "whining" people also paid good money for their keyboard.
All we're asking is simply assistance be it a full refund or an exchange for a keyboard without the scratches, a rusted switchplate and bad paintjob.
Sure maybe you do have some constructive comments with a new polling/voting system. But, I assure you it's perfectly fine the way it is.
Mar 25, 2016
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