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Nov 1, 2016
I have the VSD3 in "Illuminating Green" from Amazon and for the money they sound quite good. They're replacing my second set of Bose IE2's. Both sets of Bose failed where the cable splits. The first time, they replaced them for me for $50 plus shipping (how nice), but this time, they refused to help me out, which is fine as they're a few years old now (as were the first pair).
So far, the VSD3's are really nice. I haven't had any issues, I love that the cord is longer than that of the Bose and is also more substantial.
I'm not an athlete... I'm a desk jockey. I work on a computer most of the day so these will get office use and will likely never leave said office. I'm actually kind of a sucker for the red/blue colorway and may pick some up just because they're $30 and... well, dang guys... They're $30.
If they last a year, I'm good with that. I've spent more on less (Vegas #amirite). I think they're definitely worth a go.
Nov 1, 2016
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