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Dec 18, 2016
HAHAHAHA! Well for once you didn't inflate the MSRP ... but you actually put your price above the MSRP you posted. Wow. I believe you'll find MSRP is $24.95. ( So, 19.99 or $16.99 would be better ... except for the $7.75 shipping. You can buy directly from Bezier Games and get free shipping. Sooooo ... ??? You're more expensive than buying direct. Wow. And I bet they won't take a month or two to ship. *Oh, I'm sorry. You might save someone 21¢ over direct if you get to the lower price. But if someone buys more than $100 of games in an order, they might as well go to Miniature Market or CoolStuffInc for $16.29 or $16.99.
I don't think you're even trying any more. Well, at least not trying to offer an even fair deal, let alone a good one.
Dec 18, 2016
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