Whitelines Link Smart Notebook (3 Pack)
Whitelines Link Smart Notebook (3 Pack)
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Product Description
[this was written and uploaded with Whitelines Link notebook] Read More

[this was written and uploaded with Whitelines Link notebook]

The Paper

The intrigue with Whitelines notebooks, however, goes far beyond the digital world. What truly makes these notebooks special is in the paper. Most notebooks are printed with dark supported lines, however, Whitelines strays away from this concept. Why you ask? It's simple. Dark lines distract, white lines don't. With Whitelines there is no visual interference between the lines and the pen color, thus making your writing and drawings stand out. In addition, unlike your typical ruled notebook, Whitelines paper is light grey in tone, which makes it less tiring for the eyes than using white paper.

Whitelines Link v.s Evernote Moleskin

Recently, the Whitelines Link and Evernote Moleskin were compared in a review by Tap! Magazine in an article surrounding smart notebooks. The result? White Lines was given a 5 star review whereas the Evernote Moleskin received a solemn 3 stars. So what gives the Link notebook an advantage over the Evernote Moleskin? Tap! Magazine writes; "the Link can sense where the page is, so, even if you're photographing in a rush, it can snap it to being perfectly straight. What's more, it automatically removes the background so all you get is your notes and drawings on a clean white background."


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